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Report-out Roundup: February 2014

Every month, teams in health regions and organizations are engaged in improvement efforts to make care better and safer for Saskatchewan patients. Here is a list of dates* when kaizen teams will be sharing the results of their work this month.  In most cases, these report-outs are open to anyone interested. If you would like […]
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Sunrise Health Region’s use of daily visual management, Hoshin Kanri recognized as “national leading practice” by Accreditation Canada

Sunrise Health Region’s use of daily visual management and Hoshin Kanri (strategy deployment) in the Saskatchewan Healthcare Management System has been named by Accreditation Canada as a “National Leading Practice”, worthy of replication. This recognition is shared with the Saskatchewan Ministry of Health. A “National Leading Practice” is defined by Accreditation Canada as an exemplary […]

Education leaders study RQHR’s visibility walls

The directors of all Saskatchewan school divisions, accompanied by Deputy Ministry of Education Dan Florizone, came to the gemba at Regina General Hospital Wednesday, Sept. 18, to get a better understanding of how visibility walls work. Marlene Smadu, vice president of Quality and Transformation, and Sheila Anderson, director of the surgical Kaizen Operation Team, led […]