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2013-03-20 Ntnl research ntwk bears fruit

National research network bears first fruit

Published today in the British Medical Journal is a research article reporting a 34% relative increase in risk of hospitalization for acute kidney injury among patients started on a high potency statin (cholesterol lowering) drug compared with low potency statins, during the first 120 days of treatment. Fortunately, the absolute frequency of hospitalization due to […]
E coli bacteria on skin

I couldn’t do it. Could you?

I couldn’t do it.  I couldn’t ask the nurses and doctor who looked after my daughter to wash their hands. Last week I took my daughter to our local pediatrics emergency room.  My daughter is tough, so when she had tears trickling down her cheeks after falling down a couple of stairs, I was pretty […]

Shedding light on patient harm: Manitoba leads the way

Eight years ago, Ross Baker and Peter Norton gave Canada a wake-up call about the harm being done to patients in this country’s  hospitals, through their report “The Canadian Adverse Events Study.” When we translated their findings to Saskatchewan, it meant that one or two people were dying every day as a result of adverse […]