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Switchboard - Talk Therapy

Talk therapy

By the time I walked into Mr. P’s room, I just wanted ICU rounds to be over. It had been a long week. I was tired and I really wanted to sit down and take a mental break. Mr. P was resting in bed, and his son was talking on a cell phone. He quickly […]
Nurse's Cap

Should Clinicians Strip Down or Suit Up?

Don’t worry. We’re not turning this into a fashion blog. But the topic of what health care professionals should and should not wear is a hot topic lately, and I’m finding it fascinating. On June 25th my fellow blogger Susan Shaw explored the issue and provided some thought provoking ideas in her post “What (NOT) […]
2012-06-11 Too much talking SS

Too much talking

About a month ago my son needed to have his first blood test.  Ooh, I thought to myself, here’s a chance to combine my fantastic mom- and doctoring- skills. I can do a great job preparing my son for this potentially stressful event. I described to him in kid-friendly terms the steps of having a […]