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2012-06-8 doctor or mechanic

The Body Shop

Last week I got to observe an amazing care provider in action: my mechanic! Within days of each other, I took my car in for a tune-up and went to my doctor for my yearly checkup. I couldn’t help but reflect on the two experiences. Some of the differences came in the scheduling process and […]
2012-06-04 ICU to Ward BB featured

“Going from the ICU to the ward is frightening”

Heather Thiessen has lots of experience receiving care in the ICU. She shared this sentiment with a team from Saskatoon Health Region last week as part of  an exercise to “mistake proof” the transfer of patients from intensive care or progressive care units (ICU/PCU) to a ward at St. Paul’s Hospital.  (I was participating on […]
2012-05-31 Access GB

Patient-centred access to appointments: What’s not to like?

I’ll be first to admit I’m no expert on advanced access, a key piece of Saskatchewan’s Clinical Practice Redesign (CPR) initiative. I got a crash course recently, when Catherine Tantau was in Saskatoon meeting with CPR coaches from around the province. Tantau is an internationally recognized authority on access, efficiency, and flow in health care; […]