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Single room maternal care

Bringing the future to life: Patients and families experience Saskatoon’s first live trial of Single Room Maternal Care

When Jannica Hoskins gave birth to her daughter three years ago, she had been experiencing both physical complications and personal stress. But it was her voice and opinions being overruled that left her feeling truly frustrated with her experience. “I gave birth that day in an emergency vaginal delivery, it happened so fast. The room […]
Medication ordering broadview hospital

Improved medication ordering frees up time for patient care at Broadview Union Hospital

Staff at Broadview Union Hospital now have more time to spend with patients, thanks to improvements in how they order medication. The changes — grouping similar items together, setting standard amounts to order, and posting these amounts on the medication bins — have cut the amount of time staff spend ordering drugs every two weeks […]
MP 24 cropped

Safer care for Emergency patients at Regina General

Patients admitted through Emergency at Regina General Hospital now get their medications before they’re transferred to an inpatient unit, or have the medications accompany when they’re moved. Previously, medications for around half of patients were either delivered to Emergency, or retrieved by staff, after the patient was relocated. This caused rework for staff and delays […]