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Talk therapy

By the time I walked into Mr. P’s room, I just wanted ICU rounds to be over. It had been a long week. I was tired and I really wanted to sit down and take a mental break. Mr. P was resting in bed, and his son was talking on a cell phone. He quickly […]
Nurse's Cap

Should Clinicians Strip Down or Suit Up?

Don’t worry. We’re not turning this into a fashion blog. But the topic of what health care professionals should and should not wear is a hot topic lately, and I’m finding it fascinating. On June 25th my fellow blogger Susan Shaw explored the issue and provided some thought provoking ideas in her post “What (NOT) […]
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Moving out of our comfort zone

In my first QReview post, I introduced myself using the “The Story of Self” and committed to following up with “The Story of Us” and “The Story of Now” as described in the Public Narrative Approach for community engagement and mobilization.  For me, it’s a perfect time to reflect and think about the “Story of […]
Nurse and child - Kyla story of self 2012-05-24

My Story of Self

A couple of years ago Helen Bevan, Chief of Service Transformation for the National Health Service Institute for Innovation and Improvement, introduced Saskatchewan health care leaders to the concept of the “Public Narrative Approach”.  Originally developed by Marshall Ganz, this simple model is used to engage others, to build relationships, to create a sense of […]