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Saskatchewan to track, report on safety incidents involving patients and employees

In 2004, University of Toronto professor and Health Quality Council (HQC) Board member Ross Baker co-authored a landmark Canadian study that found adverse events causing harm to patients occurred in an estimated 7.5% of all hospitalizations in Canada. In a follow-up paper, Beyond the Quick Fix: Strategies for Improving Patient Safety (Nov. 2015), Baker reports […]

Mamawetan’s Lean Journey Takes off

The Environmental Services Team in front of their daily visual management board. From left: Sarah Schell, Sandra Hastings, Sheryl Howat, GloriaDufresne. While they’ve only just begun their Lean journey, Mamawetan has experienced several key learnings to date. Among them: making results or measurements visible creates urgency and transparency, and anyone can make improvements. Staff in […]

Health care senior leaders refine the planning process

On June 20, 2013 senior leaders in the Saskatchewan health care system introduced an operational visibility wall to supplement and support the strategic planning process. Strategic visibility walls have been used by senior leaders over the past year. These strategy walls allow for measuring and monitoring one year priority outcomes. The addition of an operational […]
2013-03-15 If tree falls...

If hospital performance falls in Saskatchewan, does anybody hear?

Last week the Canadian Institute for Health Information released new data for its Canadian Hospital Reporting Project (CHRP) which collects information on 27 indicators — 21 clinical and 6 financial — for 600 hospitals across the country. The Saskatchewan results were not glowing. Of the 27 indicators, Saskatchewan was worse than the Canadian average on […]