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2012-06-01 KISS

KISS (Keep it simple, stupid) and tell

When we think of measurement and reporting on health care quality or performance, our minds often go to the kinds of reports we see reported in newspapers or on websites that show a slew (or maybe it’s a slough!) of tables and graphs with careful footnotes on methodology and limitations and summary interpretive notes on […]
2012-05-25 Flow

Flow: The art and science of perfect health care

When I look back on my notes from last week’s tour of Autoliv, Virginia Mason, and Seattle Children’s Hospital, one word pops up repeatedly: Flow. In Lean, flow describes the perfect process we aspire to, where there is no waste and no wait. It is about “just-in-time” processing, delivery, or preparation. It is about having […]
Car crash blog 2012-05-22

Your life. Our life’s work: Reflections from May 2012 mistake-proofing tour

Autoliv (www.autoliv.com) estimates that 25,000 lives are saved each year because of the airbags they produce for several automobile manufacturers worldwide. Their motto –Your life. Our life’s work — embodies their commitment to automobile safety.  Saving lives. Hmmm…sounds like another industry I know. Last week, I had the privilege of learning from this inspiring company […]