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Single room maternal care

Bringing the future to life: Patients and families experience Saskatoon’s first live trial of Single Room Maternal Care

When Jannica Hoskins gave birth to her daughter three years ago, she had been experiencing both physical complications and personal stress. But it was her voice and opinions being overruled that left her feeling truly frustrated with her experience. “I gave birth that day in an emergency vaginal delivery, it happened so fast. The room […]

Transforming health care as a team: Pasqua Hospital’s Accountable Care Unit

When care members are better connected with one another, patients receive the safest, highest quality care possible.  That’s the philosophy of Unit 4A at the Pasqua Hospital in Regina, where patients are reaping the benefits from a new care model, called the Accountable Care Unit. Created by a Dr. Jason Stein at Emory University Hospital […]