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20131031 Suann - Wall

Sunrise Health Region’s use of daily visual management, Hoshin Kanri recognized as “national leading practice” by Accreditation Canada

Sunrise Health Region’s use of daily visual management and Hoshin Kanri (strategy deployment) in the Saskatchewan Healthcare Management System has been named by Accreditation Canada as a “National Leading Practice”, worthy of replication. This recognition is shared with the Saskatchewan Ministry of Health. A “National Leading Practice” is defined by Accreditation Canada as an exemplary […]
Sunrise award

Health Care Quality Summit 2013

The Quality Summit in Pictures 1. The Yorkton Regional Health Centre pharmacy department and Sunrise Health Region 3E COPS Unit receive a 2013 Better Care Award for their work using Lean methodology to improve chemotherapy delivery.  Above from left: Health Quality Council HQC CEO Bonnie Brossart, regional manager of pharmacy services ShannanNeubauer, pharmacists Katherine Diduck […]
2013-05-09 20 by 20 Kelly Simo

20/20: What is possible in health care? – Kelly Simo

A new session format that we tried for the first time at the 2013 Saskatchewan Health Care Quality Summit turned out to be one of the most highly attended and talked about features of the two-day event. In this session, entitled 20/20, five different physicians were each allowed 20 slides, and 20 seconds per slide, […]
2012-05-25 Flow

Flow: The art and science of perfect health care

When I look back on my notes from last week’s tour of Autoliv, Virginia Mason, and Seattle Children’s Hospital, one word pops up repeatedly: Flow. In Lean, flow describes the perfect process we aspire to, where there is no waste and no wait. It is about “just-in-time” processing, delivery, or preparation. It is about having […]