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Report-out Roundup: April 2014

Every month, teams in health regions and organizations are engaged in improvement efforts to make care better and safer for Saskatchewan patients. Here is a list of dates* when kaizen teams will be sharing the results of their work this month.  In most cases, these report-outs are open to anyone interested. If you would like […]
Sun Country Enironmental Services

Lean stories from the field: Sun Country

Sun Country Health Region, along with all other health regions in Saskatchewan, is implementing the Lean system of management. One of the concepts being introduced to staff is kaizen, a Japanese term that means continuous, incremental improvement. Employees who identify waste or a potential safety issue are learning how to address problems using various improvement […]
Lawrence and partner

I am dying for patient-centred care!

I just got bumped up to first class. I am writing this blog post while seated comfortably in a motorized leather recliner with a window view. Other perks? 24-hour telephone access to and weekly home visits by a Registered Nurse (RN) familiar with my health situation and history. My home health care team includes a […]