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2012-06-04 ICU to Ward BB featured

“Going from the ICU to the ward is frightening”

Heather Thiessen has lots of experience receiving care in the ICU. She shared this sentiment with a team from Saskatoon Health Region last week as part of  an exercise to “mistake proof” the transfer of patients from intensive care or progressive care units (ICU/PCU) to a ward at St. Paul’s Hospital.  (I was participating on […]
2012-05-25 Flow

Flow: The art and science of perfect health care

When I look back on my notes from last week’s tour of Autoliv, Virginia Mason, and Seattle Children’s Hospital, one word pops up repeatedly: Flow. In Lean, flow describes the perfect process we aspire to, where there is no waste and no wait. It is about “just-in-time” processing, delivery, or preparation. It is about having […]
2012-05-09 SS Qreview Post

Transforming health care, four and a half seconds at a time

Last month more than 700 people gathered in Saskatoon to take part in Health Care Quality Summit 2012. One of the highlights for me was the panel discussion — “Engaging Patients in Quality Improvement: Best Practices for Best Results” – moderated by Liz Crocker, Vice Chair for the Institute for Patient- and Family-Centred Care. Patient […]