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White Coat 3

What (Not) to Wear

“I knew it was going to go badly when I saw her dirty lab coat” At brunch this weekend with friends, the conversation turned to a bad experience one of my dining companions had when seen by a doctor covering for her family physician. My friend made a prediction (which turned out to be accurate) […]
Bike 2012-06-22

Don’t be afraid to lean in to it

I spent about five years, in my mid-forties, learning to race on a road bike. A key workout was the local pickup race every Tuesday night. These were intense sessions, where your heart rate was at redline for the better part of 90 minutes. It was exhilarating stuff. You’re riding in the middle of group […]
2012-06-11 Too much talking SS

Too much talking

About a month ago my son needed to have his first blood test.  Ooh, I thought to myself, here’s a chance to combine my fantastic mom- and doctoring- skills. I can do a great job preparing my son for this potentially stressful event. I described to him in kid-friendly terms the steps of having a […]