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None of your biz 2012-07-31

That’s none of your damn business!

Or is it? I had to make an appointment recently to see my GP. Nothing major, but the issue was a little more personal and complex than my usual, infrequent appointment requests. Me: Hi, I need to make an appointment to see Dr. X Receptionist: What is it regarding? Long pause… Me: It’s uhhh. Well, […]
2012-07-09 Rescue and Routine BBv2

Rescue AND Routine: We need both

This week marks the 12-year anniversary of the tornado that devastated the Pine Lake area in Alberta, located 25 km southeast of Red Deer. It was one of the worst tornadoes in Canadian history, injuring hundreds of people and reducing a once idyllic campground into rubble. It was also one of the deadliest. My dad, […]
2012-05-31 Access GB

Patient-centred access to appointments: What’s not to like?

I’ll be first to admit I’m no expert on advanced access, a key piece of Saskatchewan’s Clinical Practice Redesign (CPR) initiative. I got a crash course recently, when Catherine Tantau was in Saskatoon meeting with CPR coaches from around the province. Tantau is an internationally recognized authority on access, efficiency, and flow in health care; […]
LS Stories from Field - depression

Prairie North team working to improve care for people with depression

Although the province’s second Chronic Disease Management Collaborative (CDMC II) officially ended in March 2011, improvements to depression care continue to gain momentum in Prairie North Health Region. Gary Nolin, Director of Primary Health Care, is part of a 10-member working group of physicians, frontline staff, leadership, and Collaborative participants working to standardize and spread […]