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How to Pledge

Help us reach 2,015 pledges for Saskatchewan Change Day 2015!

  1. Pledge to do one thing to improve the health of a patient, resident or client, the health of your workplace, or your own health.
  2. Hit the PLEDGE NOW button and enter your pledge online.
  3. Tell others about your pledge and encourage them to pledge, too. You can also share your pledge on Facebook or on Twitter, using #2015in2015 and/or #skchangeday.
  4. Act on your pledge, and see the difference you have made! If you would like to share pledge photos or stories on this website, email us.

Sue Ellen WhiteIn 2014, registered nurse Sue-Ellen White, who works at Saskatoon City Hospital, pledged “to promote team work and to encourage everyone to treat each other equally and with respect.”

Dr. Preston SmithIn 2014, Dr. Preston Smith, dean of the College of Medicine at the University of Saskatchewan, pledged to “connect with one new student and one new faculty member each day.”

Dr. Lei XiaIn 2014, Dr. Lei Xia (right), president of the Professional Association of Internes and Residents of Saskatchewan (PAIRS), pledged “to stop and ask another physician, health care worker, patient, family member or resident how their day is going.”

Dr. Shayne BurwellIn 2014, Dr. Shayne Burwell, a Saskatchewan Medical Association (SMA) board member, pledged to “arrange my office on Change Day so that the waiting room will go unused and no patient will wait to see me. I will try to greet each patient as they arrive and see them as they arrive.”