To be as detailed as possible when consulting with other health care professionals as to maximize communication and yield better results for the patient.

– Sarah Armanious


Make healthier food choices and be active once a day for 45 minutes.

– Kelsey

simplify, not shorten

avoid acronyms as much as possible, and encourage my colleagues to do the same

– Advocate RN


raise awareness that safety is everyone’s responsibility.

– Patrick Robertson

Getting vaccinated

I pledge to get the flu vaccine

– Ali V

Time for personal change

Get more exercise! A healthy body (heart) will lead to a healthy mind. Being able to have more energy will help with focus in the classroom. Synthesizing material more efficiently will ultimately lead to better understanding of material and providing better patient care in the future.

– Richard Wu

Putting Residents First and Staying Positive

Put the resident’s wellness above all and to stay positive and smiling during challenging days at work.

– Melissa Weitzel

Fruits and vegetables

Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables over the winter.

– Elizabeth

Stop and Touch

Stop and touch each resident as I greet them throughout the day.

– Lynette


Get the flu vaccine

– Jesse