eat better!

try to eat 3 meals a day, no matter how busy i am with school!

– Halle

positive lifestyle

hold a positive attitude towards life no matter how many difficulties I will meet through studying or working.

– Kary

To benefit future patients

always be positive and work on my time management to be the best student that I can possibly be.

– Anonymous

Personal health

I pledge to put more time into taking care of my own well being whether it is getting enough sleep at night or working out on a regular basis.

– Jenna


always try my best and give 100% in all of my courses.

– Denzie

My Pledge

I pledge to stay balanced and focused all semester to be the best possible student I can be.

– Anonymous


Get a better night’s sleep during weekdays, so I can be more alert & focused in class.

– Anonymous

Responsible Advocate

Become a responsible advocate for my patients in the future by being part of an interprofessional team.

– Theresa

Healthy Body, Healthy Mind

I pledge to exercise three times a week and improve my diet by cutting down on refined sugar and increasing my fibre, plant protein and fruit & veggie intake. A healthier body will help me focus on my studies and cut down on stress, so I can concentrate on learning to be the best future healthcare provider I can be.

– Sara

Flu-season health

Advocate for the benefits of getting the flu vaccine

– Linda