Encourage co-workers

I pledge to positively encourage my co-workers daily to reach their goals

– Natasha Harrison

Spend more time with staff

Spend more time with front-line staff to improve linen services.

– Jim Crawford

Meet to discuss learnings

KPO Team will meet once a week to discuss lean learnings from each KOT

– Larisa Murray

Take the stairs

Take the stairs instead of the elevator at lunch.

– Jill Forrester

Clean up space

Remove unneeded items and furniture from my space.

– Jill Forrester

Provide quality service

Map our customer intake process to improve the quality of our service.

– Jill Forrester

Provide timely responses

Book 1 hour of email/customer response time into my calendar to ensure I’m providing timely responses

– Jill Forrester

Make space functional and safe

Do daily 3s (clean, organize) with my team to make our space functional and safe.

– Jill Forrester

Respect in the work place

A culture of respect is key to a strong safety culture. I pledge to showing respect by putting down my cell phone when I am walking through our facilities and be intentional about making eye contact and acknowledging every staff member, patient and public I encounter

– Petrina McGrath

David’s Pledge

Get a good night sleep every night, and make time to eat a healthy breakfast to start the morning

– David Qiu