Eat more protein

To eat more protein.

– Jessica Green

Make healthier breakfasts

Make my son healthier breakfasts every day

– Jessica Green

Learn how to skate

To learn how to skate so I can go with my son

– Jessica Green

Be a better coach

I will work to be a better coach by holding monthly coaching sessions with a co-worker

– Jenn Becker

Better understand my work

I will be BETTER the way I understand my work-in-process by creating an electronic kanban system for all my tasks in OneNote

– Jenn Becker

Stop drinking coffee

To stop drinking coffee

– Jessica Green

Drin more water

To drink more water on a daily basis

– Jessica Green

Take more breaks

Take more breaks. Most often my day spent totally at my desk, no coffee breaks or lunch, no water, must take time!

– Anonymous

Improve coaching skills.

To improve my coaching skills

– Amanda Will

Learning French

Learning French with Arthur who started kindergarten September 1, 2015.

– Elaine Ong