Choosing wisely

I pledge to review and implement recommendations from the “Choosing wisely” campaign to improve the quality of care I provide to patients

Living in the Moment

practice mindfulness each day.

Lighthouse volunteer

I pledge to become a regular volunteer at the Lighthouse (shelter and services for under-housed people in Saskatoon)

Awareness Raising

Interact with every U of S medical student & resident to inform them of Change Day 2015 and encourage them to pledge.

Better connections with patients

Sit down and be at eye level when speaking with all patients and families

Spreading Change Day to other health systems

Encourage at least one additional provider system in the United States to conduct a Change Day.

Staying in touch

Every month I will write a letter (or more) to a relative or friend who lives far away.

Encouraging dialogue with my doctor

I pledge to write down all of my questions before going to a medical appointment. This will help me remember to ask the questions and ensure that my doctor and I have an informative discussion that addresses my concerns.

More presentations

present at the Analyst meetings whenever I learn something useful and helpful for my fellow HQCers.

Say hello

Take the time to say hello and acknowledge all residents in the nursing home that my parents are in.