self improvement

Nourish my body by eating more organic, fresh produce daily.

More fresh air, less keyboard at lunch

I pledge to invite work colleagues to accompany me on a short walk over the lunch hour once a week.

Spread the Word

I pledge to be a leader in spreading the news on the benefits of One pledge to make a difference in our system for positive change.

Supporting the team differently

To ask more questions first, before jumping too quickly to the solution or problem solving when supporting others in their work; allowing the space for others to think through the solutions in their own way, not in my way of thinking.

Workplace safety

I pledge to continue to promote workplace safety within my departments and others


Try to personally call specialist on call for all in patient and or urgent consult requests .

self improvement

I pledge to brush my teeth twice every day
to massage gums every time.
(while doing so spend more time on the process)

A walk a day

Step away from my desk and take a walk everyday.

Change Day

Continually advocate for improved health care access for Rural residents

Work life balance

Leave work at a reasonable time.
Listen to my body.
Just because I am a manager and an RN, doesn’t mean I should just accept when things go wrong, as being the known possible risks/complications.
Hold my personal health care providers more accountable.