Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Saskatchewan Change Day?

Saskatchewan Change Day, which will be held on November 5, 2015, is part of an exciting global movement aimed at making small health care improvements. The Change Day concept originated in the National Health Service in the United Kingdom and has spread to countries around the world. The Saskatchewan Health Quality Council (HQC) organized Canada’s first Change Day campaign in 2014, and is also organizing Saskatchewan Change Day again in 2015.

Why bring Change Day to Saskatchewan?

Saskatchewan has always been a leader in health care, from being the birthplace of Medicare and creating the country’s first Health Quality Council, to initiating the Patient First Review and the adoption of Lean across an entire health system. We are on a transformational journey unlike any other place in the world. Last year, we celebrated the first-ever Saskatchewan Change Day on November 6, 2014. Hundreds of people across Saskatchewan’s health system committed and inspired others to make a change or to try something new to improve care for residents, clients, patients and families. It reminded us that changes can be small but meaningful and can have a significant impact on those around us. There was a lot to celebrate, as Saskatchewan aimed for 1,000 pledges and received 1,397.

Who can participate in Saskatchewan Change Day?

Anyone who provides health care, receives health care or who cares about health care can pledge to make a difference. A pledge is an idea for improvement that is meaningful to the pledger. People are asked to enter their pledges on the Saskatchewan Change Day website, at, by November 5, 2015. Participants can act on their pledge any time before Change Day. HQC has set the goal of receiving 2,015 pledges from across the province by Change Day 2015. This more than doubles the 2014 campaign goal of receiving 1,000 pledges.

What sorts of pledges can people make?

This year’s Saskatchewan Change Day theme is “Make Health Better Together.” Participants can pledge to do something to improve their own health, the health of their workplace, or the health of the patients, residents or clients they serve. Participants are also welcome to make more than one pledge. Here are some examples of pledges from the 2014 campaign that illustrate this year’s pledge categories:

Improving the health of patients, residents or clients:

  • I pledge to increase by 100% (double) the number of house calls I make to those who are unwell and hence find it difficult to attend visits at my office.
  • I pledge to ask geriatric patients and their caregivers how they are coping at home with daily activities.

Improving workplace health:

  • I pledge to be a mentor and to encourage new nurses in their journey to become experts in emergency nursing! I pledge to be present in teaching moments and to always recognize the good that they do!
  • I pledge to say something positive to a co-worker each day.

Improving personal health:

  • I pledge to improve my physical fitness by going to the gym at least three times each week.
  • I pledge to reflect on three things I am most grateful for at the end of each day.

Is Change Day related to Saskatchewan’s Lean improvement initiative?

Lean is a large-scale, patient-focused approach to continuously improving health care. Change Day is not a Lean program. However, like Lean, Change Day is about making changes to improve the health system and the care that is provided to patients, residents and clients. Change Day focuses on small changes that, when combined, can add up to make a big difference. Change Day is about the power within every individual to make a change for the better.

How can I spread the word about Change Day?

The first step is to think of a pledge and then to enter it online at Once you have made your pledge, tell others about it. Let your friends, family members, co-workers and others know about your improvement idea. Encourage them to make their own pledges. You can also share your pledge publicly via social media. For example, you can follow Saskatchewan Change Day on Twitter (@SKChangeDay) and tweet your pledge. When tweeting about Saskatchewan Change Day, consider using one, or both, of these hashtags: #2015in2015 and #SkChangeDay. This year’s Saskatchewan Change Day campaign is using #2015in2015 to represent the goal of receiving 2,015 pledges by November 5, 2015.

What Change Day resources are available?

There are a number of Change Day resources that are available to individuals and workplaces. HQC has developed a toolkit that provides ideas about how to take part in Change Day. There is also a Change Day video, as well as a poster, buttons, sticky notepads and pledge postcards. More information can be found in the “Resources” section of the Change Day website, If you would like to have buttons, pledge postcards or sticky notepads sent to your workplace, please email us.

How can I find out more about Saskatchewan Change Day?

Information about Change Day can be found online at You can also email us regarding general inquiries, including questions about social media, media relations, the Change Day website, Change Day presentations and pledges. If you would like to have buttons, pledge postcards or sticky notepads sent to your workplace, please email us.