Category: Improving workplace health

Professional Improvement

engage more with staff from all departments within the healthcare system to better understand their workflow and how the team is made up of so many unseen heros who contribute to our patients’ care. – Sarah

Professional improvement

work on being a person who is always approachable, honest and pleasant to everyone I come in contact with. This will help to build a strong relationship, not only with my co-workers, but with all BUH employees. – Shelley

professional improvement

support my co-workers. – Arleen

professional improvement

understand/learn more about each department in the hospital to improve collaborative professional relationships. – Jacky


Smile and be happy! – Bev


To read one or two educational articles per week – ramona


To be more of a positive influence at work and not participate in or lead negative conversations. – David

Seek first to understand

listen and seek to understand before talking to my staff – Sandeep Sharma

Continue to inspire people with humour!

Continue to bring laughter to people’s lives as we work to overcome challenges, finding in the humourous side in the opportunities and ensure that work can be a joy. – Alice

workplace positivity

Stay positive and keep smiling during challenging and busy days at work – Taylor