Category: Improving workplace health

good health

not take ‘good health’ for granted. For that, I pledge to connect with people, keep learning, take notice and be aware of the present moment.

Improve Hospital Ambulance Bay Design and Function

Work with Hospitals to Improve the patient and family experience, as well as the safety and efficiency for EMS Staff, in all Saskatchewan Hospital Ambulance Bays. By ensuring these work spaces remain clean, well organized and accountable, Hospitals will be able to provide better service […]

More fresh air, less keyboard at lunch

I pledge to invite work colleagues to accompany me on a short walk over the lunch hour once a week.

Supporting the team differently

To ask more questions first, before jumping too quickly to the solution or problem solving when supporting others in their work; allowing the space for others to think through the solutions in their own way, not in my way of thinking.

Workplace safety

I pledge to continue to promote workplace safety within my departments and others


Try to personally call specialist on call for all in patient and or urgent consult requests .

Better connections with patients

Sit down and be at eye level when speaking with all patients and families

More presentations

present at the Analyst meetings whenever I learn something useful and helpful for my fellow HQCers.

Strengthen Communication

I pledge to strengthen communication in my organization by asking questions, asking for clarification, and sharing what I learn with others.

Saskatchewan Change Day 2015

Saskatchewan Change Day e-book launched   Thank you to everyone who supported the second annual Saskatchewan Change Day campaign! Saskatchewan Change Day, which was organized by the Health Quality Council (HQC), was celebrated on November 5, 2015. More than 1,430 pledges to improve health and […]