Category: Improving workplace health

Spend more time with staff

Spend more time with front-line staff to improve linen services. – Jim Crawford

Meet to discuss learnings

KPO Team will meet once a week to discuss lean learnings from each KOT – Larisa Murray

Clean up space

Remove unneeded items and furniture from my space. – Jill Forrester

Provide quality service

Map our customer intake process to improve the quality of our service. – Jill Forrester

Provide timely responses

Book 1 hour of email/customer response time into my calendar to ensure I’m providing timely responses – Jill Forrester

Make space functional and safe

Do daily 3s (clean, organize) with my team to make our space functional and safe. – Jill Forrester

Respect in the work place

A culture of respect is key to a strong safety culture. I pledge to showing respect by putting down my cell phone when I am walking through our facilities and be intentional about making eye contact and acknowledging every staff member, patient and public I […]


Appreciate and recognize the dedication and hard work of all the employees of Home Care. The demand for home care services has exploded over the last couple of years. Home care staff needs to be commended for keeping up to the demand despite a real […]


To stop, listen closely and take a breath before responding in a stressful situation. – Sandi W

Equality and Respect

I pledge to treat everyone equally and respectfully. – Zuhaib