Category: Improving workplace health


get 5S implemented in the rest of our building. – Anonymous


try to make things at work more organized and efficient. – Beth

Change meeting room numbers

Change the meeting room numbers at 3sHealth to be in a consistent location on each floor. This helps staff & visitors to find the correct room for their meeting – Kerry Wasmuth

Be a better coach

I will work to be a better coach by holding monthly coaching sessions with a co-worker – Jenn Becker

Better understand my work

I will be BETTER the way I understand my work-in-process by creating an electronic kanban system for all my tasks in OneNote – Jenn Becker

Take more breaks

Take more breaks. Most often my day spent totally at my desk, no coffee breaks or lunch, no water, must take time! – Anonymous

Improve coaching skills.

To improve my coaching skills – Amanda Will

Connect with co-workers

Take a break every day to connect with one or more co-workers. – Janice Rodgers

Learn more about other people’s work

Learn more about the work other admins do – Fran Mrazek-Fanning

Encourage co-workers

I pledge to positively encourage my co-workers daily to reach their goals – Natasha Harrison