Category: Improving personal health

self improvement

I pledge to brush my teeth twice every day and to massage gums every time. (while doing so spend more time on the process)

A walk a day

Step away from my desk and take a walk everyday.

Work life balance

Leave work at a reasonable time. Listen to my body. Just because I am a manager and an RN, doesn’t mean I should just accept when things go wrong, as being the known possible risks/complications. Hold my personal health care providers more accountable.

Living in the Moment

practice mindfulness each day.

Encouraging dialogue with my doctor

I pledge to write down all of my questions before going to a medical appointment. This will help me remember to ask the questions and ensure that my doctor and I have an informative discussion that addresses my concerns.

Patient as Partner

As a patient, I commit to being an active partner in my care by asking questions of my health care providers that ensure they are providing care “with me”, not “to me”.

Ongoing learning

Learn at least one new thing each week, whether it be at work or in my personal life

Stopping the spread of illness

I pledge to help stop the spread of illness by practicing excellent hand hygiene and using hand sanitizer. As well, I commit to receiving the annual flu shot, and I will also take my son and husband to get their flu shots with me.

Saskatchewan Change Day 2015

Saskatchewan Change Day e-book launched   Thank you to everyone who supported the second annual Saskatchewan Change Day campaign! Saskatchewan Change Day, which was organized by the Health Quality Council (HQC), was celebrated on November 5, 2015. More than 1,430 pledges to improve health and […]