Category: Improving personal health

Don’t eat CRAP

implement healthy changes. Quit eating CRAP: C – carbonated beverages R – refried foods A – artificial sweetener P – processed food – Anonymous

Get regular exercise

Exercise a minimum of 30 minutes/day for 3-4 days/week – Shelda Switzer

Learn meditation techniques

To learn proper meditation techniques so I can block out distractions @ work to better perform my job & retain focus. – Lynette Evans

Learn something new everyday

I will devote 5-10 minutes everyday on being BETTER by learning/studying something new. – Jenn Becker

Eat more protein

To eat more protein. – Jessica Green

Make healthier breakfasts

Make my son healthier breakfasts every day – Jessica Green

Learn how to skate

To learn how to skate so I can go with my son – Jessica Green

Stop drinking coffee

To stop drinking coffee – Jessica Green

Drin more water

To drink more water on a daily basis – Jessica Green

Learning French

Learning French with Arthur who started kindergarten September 1, 2015. – Elaine Ong