Category: improving patient, resident or client health

Healthy Lifestyle

Live a healthier lifestyle through diet, sleep and exercise so I can better my mental learning to one day improve the quality of life of others. – Brooklynn

Reduce Mental Health Stigma

Reduce the stigma surrounding mental health in society by providing information and educating patients and others in the community – Jennifer Rosen


volunteer 3 hours a week to enhance my experiences with many different types of people – Sarah

Mental Health Stigma

make mental health a priority for myself at work to make patient care the highest quality properly – Alycia Potvin

Mental Health Awareness

We pledge to raise mental health awareness by encouraging healthy lifestyles and putting an end to the stigma. – Krista and Kari

Making Changes

exercise regularly and encourage others to do so too. – Katrina

Exercise is Medicine

I pledge to inquire with each of my patients about their physical activity levels regardless of the condition they have come to see me for. Exercise is medicine! – Kendra Jones McGrath

Making Mental Health Matter

Advocate for the importance of mental health on behalf of my future patients – Lindsay Edgington

Public Education

Incorporate more patient oriented group presentations on chronic disease management into my practice – Kirsten Edmunds


I pledge to take a little bit of extra time to help educate my patients on their medications. – Ben