Category: improving patient, resident or client health


Be more sensitive toward cultural medicinal beliefs and practices of my patients, and taking those beliefs into consideration when making care plans and medical recommendations. – Jess Morris

immunization awareness

Educate people on the importance of getting immunized this flu season! – Sam Perez

Life long learning

I pledge to continue my desire to learn after receiving my degree to better serve my patients. – Allison

Client centered care

I pledge to always use a client centered approach when working with patients. – April

Taking the Time

I pledge to take the time to listen to patient’s concerns and make an effort to validate them and their feelings. – Sophie

Ending the stigma

Help end the stigma around mental health. – Devyn


I pledge to always give my full attention to my patients, while giving adequate time to interact with them and answer their questions so that they can be assured they are getting the best possible therapy. – Rachel

workplace positivity

Stay positive and keep smiling during challenging and busy days at work – Taylor


Put patient wellness above all – Rebecca

Snap Judgements

I pledge to think before I act and to not make assumptions about people or patients without getting to know them or asking questions. – Anonymous