Category: improving patient, resident or client health

Evidenced Based Medicine

I pledge to read at least one new research paper every week. – AmiĆ©e Prefontaine

Equality and Respect

I pledge to treat everyone equally and respectfully. – Zuhaib

Mental Health Awareness Week

Not stigmatize taking care of my own mental health, and know that does not make me incompetent as a future health care provider – Meghanne

Patient Focus

remember each patient is a real person with a real life. – Amy

Learning to learn

I pledge to be more compassionate and learn how to be a patient server. I pledge to workout more frequently and eat better to maintain my wellness. – Alex


Smile and be happy! – Bev


To read one or two educational articles per week – ramona

Best care, best evidence

I pledge to always try to provide my care to patients with the best the evidence available that I can find. – Lin Wang

Importance of the Flu Vaccine

Educate on the importance of the flu vaccine and eliminate common concerns and misconceptions people may have. – Brenna

Wash Those Hands!

Wash my hands before and after every patient encounter. – Navid Robertson