Category: improving patient, resident or client health


get 5S implemented in the rest of our building. – Anonymous

Connecting with residents

try my best to make the residents and patients feel comfortable, and make them smile:) – Anonymous

Taking less steps

meet with fellow workers to work up a way to make less steps to porter. – Anonymous


try to make things at work more organized and efficient. – Beth

Responsible Advocate

Become a responsible advocate for my patients in the future by being part of an interprofessional team. – Theresa


To be as detailed as possible when consulting with other health care professionals as to maximize communication and yield better results for the patient. – Sarah Armanious

simplify, not shorten

avoid acronyms as much as possible, and encourage my colleagues to do the same – Advocate RN

Getting vaccinated

I pledge to get the flu vaccine – Ali V

Putting Residents First and Staying Positive

Put the resident’s wellness above all and to stay positive and smiling during challenging days at work. – Melissa Weitzel

Encourage Flu Shots

be more outspoken to family, friends and patients regarding the benefits to their own health and those around them. – Arnold Crawford