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I pledge to….

Genuinely ask how someone is doing and not just for the sake of saying “how are you” and passing them by. I pledge to actively listen to people’s state of well-being in their responses and reaching out as best as I can to help. It’s […]

Volunteering and Building Skills

My pledge is to finish my SWITCH general volunteering shifts to I can become a part of the SWITCH clinical team. Then I can do med assessments with the pharmacists and also provide care for people in need. I also hope to go to MAC […]

Better Health

I pledge to ensure that I have better health by regularly exercising. – Wilma

Random Acts of Kindness

perform a random act of kindness a minimum of once a week – Nicky

Public Awareness

Work towards increasing public awareness of pharmacy services. – Tyler

Eating Healthy

To be more healthy by eating healthy – Daniel Deng

Mental Health Awareness

We pledge to raise mental health awareness by encouraging healthy lifestyles and putting an end to the stigma. – Krista and Kari

Make someone smile

I pledge to make one or more people smile a day! – Justine

Continuing Patient Education

I pledge to perform my duties as a future pharmacist, and now as a student, to ensure that my patients are educated about their medications, prescription and non-prescription, in order to improve patient knowledge and patient outcomes. – Samantha Tri

Active Listener

listen and make sure they have the best care possible – Anonymous