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I pledege to stop procrastinating to do the tasks that I am not looking forward to doing! – Tina

Mission: Decreasing Burnout!

be positive not only in the workplace but outside in order to not be burnout easily and have more energy to care for others. – Llene


Smile and be happy! – Bev


Listen to “why” what other say is important to them, in addition to the content of what they are saying. – Brian Zimmer

Openness to other cultures

Be aware and accepting of different cultural practices – Brooke


Put more effort into showing my appreciation for others. – Lindi

LOVE Heals all things!

To be an Open vessel of God’s pure Love! – Michelle Willick

spread the work

talk with 5 other physicians to make a change day pledge today – Shayne Burwell

Time is the most valuable thing you have

Manage my time better by sticking to a schedule and not looking at my phone while studying. – Grace


I pledge to be kind even when it’s hard, refrain from gossip, and treat everyone like a friend. – Rebecca