Category: General


get 5S implemented in the rest of our building. – Anonymous

Advocate and Support

I pledge to advocate and support to the best of my ability all seniors in need of my help. – Heather Lamm

To benefit future patients

always be positive and work on my time management to be the best student that I can possibly be. – Anonymous


always try my best and give 100% in all of my courses. – Denzie


Get a better night’s sleep during weekdays, so I can be more alert & focused in class. – Anonymous

Flu-season health

Advocate for the benefits of getting the flu vaccine – Linda


raise awareness that safety is everyone’s responsibility. – Patrick Robertson

Stop and Touch

Stop and touch each resident as I greet them throughout the day. – Lynette


Get the flu vaccine – Jesse


To listen first to the whole story before making judgements. – Shelley H