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Lean RPIW Brings Children’s Emergency Services Closer to Patients and Families

More than 40 pediatric patients and their family members used to wait each day in the main Emergency Department line at the Royal University Hospital.   Children’s Emergency RPIW team members (from left): Penny Ginther, Nicole Olsen, Dr. Vicki Cattell, Sara Peters, Cheryl MacMillan, BardyBains, Bernadette Kirilenko, Darby Semeniuk, MelodieLorette, Sandra Blevins Now, between 8:00 […]
Moose Jaw 3P

Lean – 3P Key to Patient-Friendly

Using Lean principles for a new, patient-centred hospital, Five Hills Health Region has embarked on a design phase that will lead to the eventual opening of a new regional hospital in 2015, east of the Western Development Museum, near the Trans-Canada Highway. One of the tools for the building project is 3P, which stands for […]

Training Lean Leaders to Continue the Quality Improvement Journey

Starting this month, health care providers, physicians, leaders, and staff are participating in a series of training sessions and focused quality improvement events to ensure Lean becomes embedded in our health system as we strive to improve access, quality, safety and sustainability. We will be including patients and families in all our improvement efforts. So […]