Better follow-up care for mental health clients in Prince Albert Parkland


Clients’ safety plan improves access if relapse occurs

Clients with complex mental health needs are getting improved access for relapses after a Rapid Process Improvement Workshop (RPIW) was completed during the last week of May.

During RPIW 38, the team worked with clinicians in the mental health outpatient program to create a consistent approach for the care of clients with complex mental health needs. This includes the development of a service agreement for all new clients, the ability to change service plans when required, and to ensure more timely access following a relapse for patients who no longer had regular appointments.

“I am confident to know that someone will be there when I need help again. I feel I will be given the information to now understand who and where to go when I need help again quickly.”
(Patient participant)

Prior to the RPIW, the unit did not have a standard process for clients with complex mental health needs to ensure that when they left treatment that they had a safety plan with the knowledge to re-engage in care should they need to.

Clients will now have the knowledge of what to expect throughout the counselling experience. They will also have a written safety plan (including community resources and emergency services available) in place when counselling services end. The safety plan will also provide information for how the client can re-engage in care if it is needed.

“We were able to create tools to hopefully achieve our purpose, ‘Mental Health Outpatient Clients are empowered to leave care and have a safety plan with knowledge for how to re-engage in care should they need to,’” said a provider involved in the RPIW. “Being in an RPIW with a patient representative is invaluable. They provide a completely different point of view. We as clinicians learned a great deal through our patient representative.”

In addition to addressing the challenge of safety plans and re-engagement of care services, the RPIW team also improved privacy at the registration system, and increased usable space in the client treatment room.

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