Facility renovation designs to benefit patients, staff


A large team of 25 people recently spent a week together to discuss the important factors that need to be considered while designing the new integrated health facility in Leader. The team included members of the Leader health services staff, patient/family representatives, health care team members, architects, community members and others.

The event utilized the principles of Lean to continue developing the blueprint for the new integrated facility. One of the major objectives for the week was to ensure that the facility’s design will maximize patients’ access to services and make additional improvements to the patient experience.

During the week, team members were kept busy with a variety of tasks, which included group and specific team work. They reviewed the various flows of patients, health providers, equipment, information, supplies and medications; identified the various wastes and inefficiencies that were present in the current process steps in providing care; reviewed and selected an external footprint for the new addition’s attachment to the existing long-term care facility; created more than 150 design options for the internal look of the addition, and built a 3D model of the selected option; created and built table top and full-sized mock ups of what an acute inpatient and universal care unit room will look like; and created an overall feeling of excitement for the new integrated facility and what it will offer for patients and residents.

Comments from the participants included: “It has been amazing to watch the progression of the team from the start of the week to the end, and the results that we have achieved.” A participant also commented: “As someone with a family member in long-term care, the best part of this work is knowing that everything is going to be under one roof. Residents won’t have to leave the building to have an X-ray like they do now. I am amazed at what goes on in healthcare, and one does not see how much is involved with a visit to the clinic or hospital.”

Photo: Cypress Health Region CEO Beth Vachon looks on as primary health care physician Dr. Hoque summarizes the design layout for the new integrated health facility in Leader

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