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The month of December is known for being busy and giving to others. Cypress Health Region’s Kaizen Promotion Office (KPO) was busy with giving the region’s staff some useful hints on how to better organize their work areas. The “12 Days of ChristmaSSSSS” campaign challenged departments across the region to clean up a small area within their departments and learn how to keep it that way.

Over the span of 12 days, the KPO staff sent out a daily email with instructions to move through a process of cleaning their area, organizing it to make it more effective so staff would be able to find supplies easier, and tips on how to sustain that into the future. A total of 10 departments took up the seasonal-themed challenge and the areas included offices, storage closets, bookshelves and drawers. As a way to offer a “present” for those participating in the 5S campaign (5S stands for sort, simplify, sweep, standardize and self-discipline), the KPO provided some prizes to those teams who offered the more creative team name, the biggest number of items that were identified as being available for others to use, and for the oldest item found during the cleaning process.


All of the teams were considered winners of the challenge, as they found out first-hand the benefits of maintaining a clean and safe work environment. However, the staff members from Shaunavon’s acute care program were determined to be the overall winners of the 12 Days of ChristmaSSSSS challenge. They were given a kit of supplies for their next 5S project and were scheduled for a major one-week-long 5S project within their facility.

Pictured are the before and after photos of the storage cupboard the Shaunavon staff worked on.

The project allowed the teams of staff members to bring the theory of 5S to life, and they were able to see the benefits of completing the steps within the process. As one of the team participants noted, “I could not believe how much easier it is to find our supplies quickly when we are in a rush. Even though I thought I knew where things were, the labelling made the location of them much more identifiable.”

The KPO is looking forward to its next 5S campaign throughout the region this spring.

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