A Better Emergency Room Experience


It used to take many hours before a person who walked into the the emergency room at Saskatoon’s Royal University Hospital would be placed in a treatment spot.

Thanks to the hard work of ER employees and physicians on the RPIW #86 team, wait times are down significantly. Today, ER staff are more visible to patients, each client is greeted at the door by a triage ‘captain’ or ‘pivot RN’ and signage has improved. Because patient flow is smoother, the client experience is better.

ER staff are more visible to patients, each client is greeted at the door by a triage ‘captain’ or ‘pivot RN’ and signage has improved.

A Rapid Process Improvement Workshop, or RPIW, is a week-long event bringing together patients, employees and clinicians to focus on solving one problem. RPIWs are just one improvement tool in our lean-based Saskatchewan Health Care Management System. For more information about the Saskatchewan Health Care Management System, visit www.saskatoonhealthregion.ca/lean.

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2 Responses to “A Better Emergency Room Experience”

  1. Graham Blue
    September 10, 2014 at 1:24 pm #

    Thank you for your feedback Heather. I apologize for the confusion with the RUH ED triage and check-in process since the most recent RPIW. The staff have taken substantial strides to make this process patient friendly, however there is much work left to do as your experience suggests. The end goal is that every patient walking through the doors will see a triage nurse before anyone else. I assure you I have shared your concerns with the staff and appreciate your feedback so we can continue to improve this process.

  2. Heather Thiessen
    Heather Thiessen
    September 6, 2014 at 9:30 pm #

    I am alway excited when it comes to RPIW events but I am sorry to say from a patient and family perspective I am a tad worried about this one.

    I was just in the ED at RUH a few weeks ago. We found this to be a very confusing time. When we entered it wasn’t too busy but we went to the triage nurse sign in the ED. We stood for a few minutes while the lady behind the desk was talking on the phone. I only could assume she was the nurse but when she did acknowledge us she informed up she was the registration clerk and told to sit down and wait out turn. So no we did not see a nurse immediately until it was our turn. Even sitting in line was confusing for people sat at start of line and some at end. So we sat in middle but didn’t want to upset the flow of people moving. When we did see a nurse we were then sent to the peds area and I am happy to say the care was good.

    My concern with this was that when I arrived we were under the impression that we would be seen by a RN. But a registration clerk was sitting there. What happens if someone is really sick and then get forgotten and then we may have a Winnipeg experience. Also if you cannot allow registration clerks in general admitting to even place a allergy band on a patient why would she or he be allowed to be that first contact with a patient in the ED.
    Now I am not sure if the RPIW was just for RUH or St Paul’s but it does concern me what I experienced and what many others maybe experiencing in the ED.

    Let’s ensure our patients our seen as soon as possible by an RN to make sure if they are needed to be seen soon they will be. For they have had that oh so important eye on them from the minute they arrive.


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