Kelvington 3P team receives provincial excellence award


The Kelvington Integrated Health Care Facility 3P team was one of eight teams honoured with the presentation of a 2014 Pursuing Excellence Award during the 4th annual Saskatchewan Health Care Quality Summit in Saskatoon May 6th.

The Pursuing Excellence Awards are presented to individual organizations and teams doing outstanding improvement work relating to the health care system’s four aims: Better Health, Better Care, Better Value and Better Teams.  The Kelvington 3P team received a Better Value award.

The Kelvington 3P (Production Preparation Process) started with a week-long event in March 2013 involving a cross-functional team of approximately 60 frontline staff, patients, families  and senior leaders were trained and then guided through a creative process designed to generate, evaluate, screen and combine their ideas for the new integrated facility into one design model.

The goal of the Kelvington 3P was to design a facility in Kelvington that would best support patient-centred, interdisciplinary, collaborative care and integration across the continuum of care.

The existing long term care and acute care facilities and the distance between them was preventing integrated, interdisciplinary care and without renewal, the aging infrastructure would not be able to meet the health care needs of Kelvington and area residents into the future. Through the 3P process, led by consultants from John Black & Associates in cooperation with the project architects, the 3P team generated a design that maximizes efficiencies to the benefit of the patients, residents and health care providers and ensured the development of a project that is affordable to the community at large.

Over the past year, the 3P team has met on numerous occasions to redesign processes, improve flow and eliminate waste through the design of the Kelvington integrated health care facility.  3P team members have created life-size mock-ups of an acute care room, the acute care lab, a primary health care clinic room and a long term care resident room to ensure the design captured on paper would function to the maximum benefit of the patients and residents as well as providers.

Kelvington 3PPictured is an architect’s rendering of the Kelvington Integrated Facility

The 3P resulted in substantial savings in the construction costs for the addition of the acute care facility and primary health care clinic that is being reinvested into the renovation and renewal of Kelvindell Lodge.  Upgrades to resident washrooms will add wheelchair accessibility and enhance infection control while the addition of overhead lifts will support resident care and reduce the risk of both resident and staff injury. Enhancements to existing tub rooms will create a spa-like atmosphere for residents to enjoy.

Kelvington Hospital and Kelvindell Lodge staff have also been utilizing Lean quality improvement tools such as 5S (Sort, Simplify, Sweep, Standardize, Self-Discipline), a strategy for organizing the workplace to make things easier to find; and Rapid Process Improvement Workshops (RPIW’s), a process in which a team of patients, family, staff and clinicians focus on analyzing and improving a problem by creating, testing and implementing solutions.  The 5S and RPIW quality improvement work has improved current functions and processes in both the hospital and the lodge that will be carried into the new facility.

“The 3P was only the beginning of the quality improvement work that has been achieved in Kelvington over the past year and it is the patients, families and staff in Kelvington and area that deserve the credit,”

stated KTHR CEO Shane Merriman and a member of the 3P team.  “This award is a reflection of their diligence, foresight and dedication to design a facility that will meet the needs of their community and area for years to come and to which other communities in the province can look to as a model for care.”

In addition to the award presentation, the Kelvington 3P was a featured oral presentation at the Quality Summit. The Health Care Quality Summit is hosted annually by Saskatchewan’s Health Quality Council (HQC).

Photo: Representatives of the Kelvington 3P team proudly accepted the 2014 Pursuing Excellence Award for Better Value from HQC CEO Bonnie Brossart (third from left).  Kelvington 3P team members included (L-R) Karri Franklin, Kelvington Hospital/Kelvindell Lodge Facility Administrator; Tanya Neiszner, Kelvington Hospital/Kelvindell Lodge Nurse Manager;  Jelaine Donald, Kelvington patient/family representative; Carol Lowey, Kelvington patient/family representative; Shane Merriman, KTHR CEO; and Paul Blaser, Architect, RBM Architecture. The award was presented during the Saskatchewan Health Quality Summit.

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