Improved transcription services helps ensure timely access to patients’ health information

SCA transcription services

Saskatchewan cancer patients will receive better care as a result of more up-to-date information in their health records. The Saskatchewan Cancer Agency improved the flow of information in transcription that will assist both patients and physicians.

“The staff worked hard not only to reduce the backlog of work but also to ensure that care can be given more safely as timely accurate information is now more readily available to help oncologists present options to patients for their care,”

said Jon Tonita, Vice President of Population Health at the Saskatchewan Cancer Agency.

Using a rapid process improvement workshop, which was a week-long event focused on how to improve transcription processes, the team which included a variety of key employees and a patient representative were able to:

  • Reduce duplication of work;
  • Ensure all staff were able to handle urgent transcription requests as opposed to just one employee being responsible;
  • Use IT solutions to make their work more efficient rather than manually tracking information;
  • Created training materials and tips that would assist both new employees as well as current ones to follow the same processes;
  • Eliminate the backlog of transcription jobs; and,
  • Improve the time for transcribing notes.

“The results of the Lean workshop not only eliminated the backlog, but now there is only a two-day turnaround on transcription jobs,” Tonita said. “The improvements that were put in place have also been sustained which is important so that patients can rest assured that their oncologist always has access to the most current information about their care.”

Lean, in healthcare, is an approach that increases efficiency in order to provide the highest level of care to the patient.

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