Sunrise Health Region’s use of daily visual management, Hoshin Kanri recognized as “national leading practice” by Accreditation Canada

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Sunrise Health Region’s use of daily visual management and Hoshin Kanri (strategy deployment) in the Saskatchewan Healthcare Management System has been named by Accreditation Canada as a “National Leading Practice”, worthy of replication. This recognition is shared with the Saskatchewan Ministry of Health.

A “National Leading Practice” is defined by Accreditation Canada as an exemplary practice and commendable example of exceptional leadership, with focus on patient safety and high quality service delivery.

Sunrise Health Region has implemented the use of daily visual management walls, titled “Connecting Teams for Excellence”. These are located in public areas of every facility and department.

“Saskatchewan is transforming the healthcare system by involving care providers and clients in a way that is historically significant.” (Suann Laurent, President and CEO, Sunrise Health Region)

At daily huddles, the team of health care providers and managers gather around their “Connecting Teams for Excellence” wall to discuss how to better meet the needs of their clients and to track progress related to safety, quality, cost, delivery and engagement targets.

“It’s the most awesome tool,” said Corinne Woods, Manager of Operational Support Services with Sunrise Health Region. “Our department is unique in that the majority of our team members don’t have regular access to a computer and therefore often felt somewhat less engaged in the happenings around the region. Now that we have daily huddles at the Connecting Teams for Excellence wall, we review statistics, post kudos, read out newsletters and emails containing important information and ensure that team members can discuss what we are doing to achieve our goals.”

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“The walls allow us to show our staff what our strategic priorities are as a region and filter it down into specific measurable goals and statistics directly related to our staff,” continued Woods. “By allowing our teams to see every measure and initiative that we are working towards, they are significantly more engaged and excited about the work that they do every day to help our organization reach and exceed our goals.”

Sunrise Health Region and the Saskatchewan Ministry of Health will be formally recognized for this achievement during Accreditation Canada’s annual Quality Conference in February 2014.

Photo 1: Suann Laurent, President and CEO discussing strategy deployment with employees

Photo 2: Corinne Woods, Manager of Operational Support Services discusses the Connecting Teams for Excellence wall with Operational Support team members, Bonnie Brossart, CEO of Health Quality Council and John Black, President of John Black and Associates

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