Working with patients to improve patient safety


This year marked the third annual Saskatchewan Health Care Quality Summit. In the three years it has been delivered, the Summit has evolved, incorporating new types of sessions, improved technology and bigger and better speakers.

But consistently, one of the most highly-rated sessions at the Summit is the patient panel. It gives the audience an opportunity to hear from the people we serve in the Saskatchewan health care system. Patients share their stories so we can learn from their experiences, remember that they are the reason that we do what we do, and renew our passion for delivering the best patient care possible.

At this year’s Summit, the panel focused on patient safety. We’re happy to share the video of this panel with you–see below for parts 1 and 2 of this panel. In the first video, you’ll hear from Donna Davis, who lost her son due to medical error. Donna’s heartbreak has led to a passionate drive to improve patient safety across Canada. Patient advisor Heather Thiessen shares her experiences as a patient, and as a member of system improvement teams, in the second video. In each video, you’ll also meet a health care executive from Saskatchewan who works with these brave women. Jerry Bell of Pasqua Hospital in Regina, and Petrina McGrath from Saskatoon Health Region, share how working with patients has led to dramatic changes in patient safety improvement efforts across the province.

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