Empathy: The Human Connection to Patient Care


video credit: Cleveland Clinic

I watched this video recently. I was moved by it, for several reasons.

It is a reality check to all of us when we enter a health care facility. You never know what that person in the coffee shop, or in line at Admitting, is facing.

It makes me realize how precious life is. You cannot take anything for granted. I never thought I would be sick and now doing what I am doing. I had dreams of being a nurse but life dealt me a different card. I know others are dealing with other things they never planned for but are making the best of it. You may be dealing with illnesses or even becoming a parent. All life is changing, but I feel it is how you deal with things that determines whether they are great or not. You have a choice.

I now make sure when I am walking through the hospital that I remember to smile. It may make that other person’s day just a bit brighter to see that someone actually takes the time to give that smile. It maybe the only smile they get that day.

It is also a reminder to those who work in health care, about how to view and treat patients and families. Many see me and may not know the things I have gone through, years in and out of the hospital, dealing with uncooperative staff and being talked down to. When I walk through those doors you have to remember not to assume. I am not saying everyone does that. I have had amazing service through the years. Unfortunately it is those negative experiences that resonate with me and also with many others. So instead of pre-judging and starting off on the wrong foot, start with a smile and remember this video.

I think this brilliant video should be shared with all staff in health care. It may change the way you look at your job.

Health care providers have amazing opportunities daily to help make the day of a patient, family member or even a fellow staff member.. Starting off with a smile is a great first step.

I challenge everyone who reads this to try just smiling and really acknowledging the next person you see in a hallway. You may just be making their day a little better.



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