A Standing O for eHealth

2012-08-15 Standing O

This blog is a shout-out to the staff at eHealth who are working to bring health care into the 21st century.  Recently, eHealth launched a public survey to gather input on what the public and providers want to see in electronic medical records.  This is exciting to me not only because it’s great to hear things are moving forward with these mystical electronic medical records (often spoke of but never seen) but — more important — because eHealth is asking the public how they want to use them, they are truly putting the people of Saskatchewan first.

I completed the survey and I’ve encouraged everyone I know to do so as well.  Here are some of the things I said are important to me — and the reasons why I think they would be useful:

1. Viewing your immunization records: When I stepped on a nail on my dad’s farm, it would have been way easier to look online to find out when I had my last tentanus shot than have to make an appointment with my doctor.

2. Viewing a list of your current and historical prescribed medication: At age 35 my list is longer than that of my 90-year-old grandpa. Seriously.

3. Making appointments with your care provider online: If hairdressers and massage therapists can offer this service, surely we can too!

4. Viewing your laboratory/health results: Yes, please!  As a busy girl with hypothyroidism, it would be nice to know if my urge to take a short nap at a stop light is because I have low TSH levels or because I just came through an all-day meeting marathon.

5. Request an automatic prescription renewal: This would eliminate the need for those unnecessary and awkward appointments when you wait 45 minutes to see the doctor for a prescription refill that takes all of 45 seconds to write up.

These are just a few of the options you can tell eHealth you feel would help improve your health care experience.  Please take a few minutes to fill it out, and to share it with others.  And consider posting it on your Facebook account or, if you are smarter than I am, tweet it!

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