Lean RPIW Brings Children’s Emergency Services Closer to Patients and Families

More than 40 pediatric patients and their family members used to wait each day in the main Emergency Department line at the Royal University Hospital.



Children’s Emergency RPIW team members (from left): Penny Ginther, Nicole Olsen, Dr. Vicki Cattell, Sara Peters, Cheryl MacMillan, BardyBains, Bernadette Kirilenko, Darby Semeniuk, MelodieLorette, Sandra Blevins

Now, between 8:00 a.m. and midnight, kids and parents will register and triage in the Children’s Emergency room, getting them into a bed faster and closer to the care they need. A rapid process improvement workshop (RPIW) team observed the Emergency Department for several weeks in April and May, and worked with a group of registered nurses, a pediatrician, a unit assistant, a parent, registration clerks and several support departments to revise the process and improve the care experience. Now, when a pediatric emergency bed is available, the patient is registered and triaged at the bedside. When a bed isn’t available,they can still register and wait in Children’s Emergency instead of the main Emergency line.

“I am confident that the changes that we have brought and that we’re acting on will truly bring key value to the patient,”

says Bardy Bains, the team’s patient and family representative.

The team studied wait times and distance traveled by patients and providers to eliminate waste for everyone involved. Some of the results of the process improvements include:

• 72 per cent reduction in unit assistant movement to get supplies that weren’t previously available in Children’s Emergency

• 20 per cent reduction of distance traveled for patients, who can now go directly to Children’s Emergency
• Standard work for Children’s Emergency RNs and unit assistants
• Improved cleanliness and better signage upon entering the Emergency Department and towards Children’s Emergency

To watch a video of the report out, visit www. saskatoonhealthregion.ca/lean.

– Originally published in Transforming Health Care Through Lean – Summer 2012.  Submitted by Saskatoon Health Region


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