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Kaizen Quick Hits

Kaizen Quick Hits is a new monthly feature on BetterHealthCare.ca. In it, you’ll find short summaries of recently completed Rapid Process Improvement Workshops (RPIWs) from around the province. These paragraphs provide a snapshot of what improvement teams were able to accomplish in one week. True success over the longer term depends on the effort that […]

7 Ways, 3P sessions first step for Victoria Hospital project (Prince Albert Parkland)

Planning is underway for the redevelopment of the Victoria Hospital Planning is underway, with the Region already having completed a 7 Ways exercise to determine a desirable configuration of departments and services spaces in a redevelopment of the Victoria Hospital. More than 30 managers, physicians, staff members, and patient representatives, examined seven different design options […]

RPIW Spotlight: Speeding the transfer of patients from the ED to the Medicine unit at Moose Jaw Union Hospital

This article is part of a new series called RPIW Spotlight. In it, we highlight recent Rapid Process Improvement Workshops (RPIW)  that appear to be “bright spots.” RPIWs provide a great opportunity to focus on a specific issue and test small changes intended to make care better and safer for patients. It’s incredible what can […]

Lean events are about quality, safety improvements

The Prince Albert Parkland Health Region continues efforts to improve quality and safety for patients, and find efficiencies using Lean methodology. More than 70 managers, physicians and staff members are at various stages of Lean Leadership training. Several improvement events have been held in the past several months, including activities at the Victoria Hospital for […]