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Chemo treatment - provider and patient

Better service for chemotherapy patients in Prince Albert Parkland

People receiving chemotherapy in Prince Albert Parkland Health Region are experiencing more patient-centred care at Victoria Hospital thanks to improvements introduced in March 2015. Previously, chemo patients had to register at admitting when they arrived at the hospital. After that, they often waited an hour or more for staff to prepare their treatment. Now, as […]
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10 seconds to safety

What difference can 10 seconds make? For 40 per cent of residents on Unit 2-6 at Wascana Rehabilitation Centre, 10 seconds may be the difference between life and serious injury or death. These residents – 14 in all – receive mechanical ventilation, either full or part-time. Each of them is connected by a breathing tube […]
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2015: A Year in Review

Saskatoon Health Region has made many improvements over the past 12 months to help us become better, every day. Many of these changes are the result of the Region’s 14 Day Challenge and 90-day initiatives, Safer Every Day and Ready Every Day, which focused on improving safety and patient flow respectively. How exactly have things […]