Lean News from Saskatchewan Health Care

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Projects improve stat lab test turnaround times

Two improvement projects at Regina General Hospital (RGH) are getting laboratory test results of our sickest patients into the hands of Emergency and Cardiac Care physicians and staff more quickly. “Ten per cent of Emergency patients each week had a turnaround time for stat testing that exceeded the 70-minute benchmark,” said Virginia Marsh, assistant laboratory […]

Improving the transition from hospital to home care for patients in Sun Country

Until recently, patients at Weyburn General Hospital were sometimes in the dark about when they were scheduled to leave hospital. At the same time, hospital staff found the process for arranging home care services for these patients cumbersome and time consuming. A Rapid Process Improvement Workshop (RPIW) held in November helped fix both problems. Prior […]

Better Every Day 14 Day Challenge complete

On February 3, Saskatoon Health Region launched the first Region-wide, employee-inspired, patient flow process improvement initiative: The Better Every Day 14-Day Challenge. “We launched the challenge because frontline healthcare providers asked for help. They were caring for patients in temporary units and trying to cope with an ongoing, unceasing demand for care,” states Dan Florizone, […]